1901 Heritage

The Victor Talking Machine Company, an American recording company formed in 1901, was a leading producer of Phonographs & Records. In the company's early years, Victor issued recordings on 7” Victor labeled records, 10” Monarch labeled records, and 12” De Luxe labeled records. In 1929, Victor merged with the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) and became RCA Victor, the dominant recording company in America for over six decades. The iconic “His Master’s Voice” logo was trademarked in 1901 by the Victor Talking Machine Company. This widely recognized logo is based off a painting by Francis Barraud using his dog Nipper. Nipper was born in 1884 in Bristol, England and was named Nipper because he would often "nip" at the backs of visitors' legs. In 1915, the logo was reproduced in the large leaded-glass windows at Victor's headquarters in Camden, New Jersey. The building still stands today with replica windows installed during RCA's ownership of the plant in its later years. One of the original windows is on display at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.!


Today, our mission at Victor is to continue the rich heritage of the brand by supplying quality retro electronics with modern features at value pricing. Our product development team continues to embrace the latest innovations in technology while staying true to the retro styling of the past. This will insure future generations will experience the same joys of music reproduction as did the previous generations before them!

Since 1901